Who We Are

SupremeCt ColorThe Department of Government and Justice Studies features undergraduate programs in Criminal Justice and Political Science. One of the concentrations for the Political Science major is Pre-Professional Legal Studies. This concentration is tailored for students who are interested in law school or any other law-related profession. Courses are selected from various programs on campus to provide a comprehensive program of study.  For more information about our classes and alumni, visit the undergraduate programs page

Students from any major in the department are welcome to discuss pre-law matters with GJS faculty. The main pre-law advisor for the department is Dr. Marian Williams. You can email her at williamsmr4@appstate.edu or phone her at (828) 262-6039.

Other faculty in the department can also assist you with pre-law questions. Click here to view the directory of GJS faculty.

For more information about the pre-law fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta, you can visit their Facebook page and Instagram

Contact Us!

Main Advisor:

Dr. Marian Williams              



Phone: (828) 262-6039

Phi Alpha Delta Faculty Advisors:

Dr. Ellen Key                          

Email: keyem@appstate.edu         

Phone:  (828) 262-7916

Dr. Kirstin Morgan

Email:  morganka2@appstate.edu

Phone:  (828) 262-6167


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